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 Well, hello everyone.

My name is Viv, I'm in my 20's and studying Political Sciences in UNWE. I used to be a big anime fan, but not so much now. I've been swimming in the fanfiction and fandoms ocean for around 7 years now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I don't easily leave a fandom once I've fallen in love with it which means years could pass before I move on (e.g. my obsession with Naruto lasted about 3 years before I latched onto Bleach). I listen to all kinds of music. I don't care about the genre so long as I love the song/singer/band. I make vague (terrible) attempts to draw, though I prefer to stick to writing mainly. I'm not a great cook or baker, but at least I do my best. I've got a lovely, playful kitten /Danny/ /she's all grown up now, but she'll always be little for me/  While my brother and his girlfriend own a dog /Barry/. Oh yeah, we're living together so I may/will complain about that sometimes.

And I guess that's it? If want to know more, you're always welcome to send a PM or find me around the various chat programs. I promise, I won't bite xD

The Masterlist
Hawaii Five-0

Teen Wolf
1) My Heart, Your Hands Stiles/Derek, PG-13, ~400
2) Be Still My Heart Stiles/Derek, PG-13, ~400

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